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        1. Hello, welcome to Changsha talent machinery equipment co., LTD.

          Talent pump truck bend

          Changsha talent machinery equipment co., LTD. Was established in 2007, the factory is located in the beautiful changsha zhengning Xia Duo shop town, since its establishment has been engaged in machinery forging, machining, heat treatment, such as production, at the same time also has to pump truck bend 10 years of concentrated research and development, and through the untiring efforts of the company research and development team, working on the research and development to create the world main fission material synthesis of high wear resistance of high life low cost professional pump truck bend, 13 won the honor, at the same time More than 20 related certification, ensure product pure, authentic products, truly conventional concrete penultimate bending quality more than 15000 cubic meters, other position above of 50000 stere landmark breakthrough.

          Talent bent pipe product features long service life, the price is reasonable.
          Talent bent pipe used for the use and consumption of concrete pump truck;
          Talent bend way is through the flange card buckle seamless connection.

          Companies adhering to the “Production of conscience, good faith cooperation ”The management idea, to build the country and the pump truck bend brand of mankind.
          Talent pump truck bend welcome your call and factory audit.

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